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Data protection policy

We are delighted with your interest in our website. The careful handling of personal information and the protection of your privacy are very important us. Therefore, we adhere strictly to the legal regulations and take the basic principles of data economy and reduction into account.

You can print out or save this document by using your browser’s usual functionality (usually File/Save as). You can also download and archive this document in PDF form by clicking here. To open the PDF file, you need the free programme Adobe Reader ( or comparable programmes that display the PDF format.

We would like to inform you about the handling of your data below.

1. Office responsible

The office responsible for the collection, processing and use of your personal data within the sense of § 3 Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (German Federal Data Protection Act) is Carmeq GmbH, Carnotstraße 4, 10587 Berlin, Germany (hereinafter Carmeq).

2. Collection, processing and use of personal data

When you use our website, personal data may be collected, processed and used.

2.1. Personal data

Personal data is information on the material or personal circumstances of a specifiable, natural person. This especially includes information that enable inferences about your identity to be drawn, such as their name, telephone number, address or email address.

2.2. The collection, processing and use of your personal data

The protection of your data is a central issue at Carmeq. Your personal data shall not be passed on to third parties unless you have expressly given consent in a communication or there is legal authorisation to do so. The data transmitted as a result may only be used by our service-providers to perform their duties. Any other use of the information is not permitted and shall not be exercised by any service-providers under our charge.

2.2.1. Contact form

You can ask questions or send us your comments via our contact form. To do so, we require your name, email address and, of course, the message itself. You can optionally submit the company in whose name you are contacting us. You can decide which information you disclose to us for the purpose of the messages. We save this data solely in order to respond to your request via the contact form and get in touch with you. Your data shall not be used for any other purpose.

2.2.2. Online application

On our website, you have the possibility of finding out about open vacancies and applying to Carmeq via the Careers section or submitting a speculative application. Please consult the separate Data protection policy for online applications for more information.

2.2.3. Log files

You can visit our website without entering any personal details. If you visit our online services, we only collect the information necessary to display the internet pages you call up, such as the browser and screen resolution. Moreover, when the Carmeq pages are accessed, data is transmitted via your internet browser and stored in so-called server log files. The datasets saved in the process contain information such as the date and time of access, the IP address, the referrer URL, the amount of data transferred, the name and version information of the browser used. The data is deleted periodically, especially the IP addresses, which are deleted or anonymised after use. In the case of anonymisation, the IP addresses are altered so that the individual information on personal or material circumstances can no longer be attributed to a particular or determinable natural person – or at least only with an excessive amount of effort in terms of time, expense and work.

We analyse these log-file datasets in an anonymised form in order to improve the Carmeq portal further, make it more user-friendly, and detect and rectify errors more swiftly.

3. Cookies

Cookies are small files that are stored on data carriers and save the particular settings and data for the exchange with computer systems via web browsers. Our website currently does not use any cookies to protect your privacy.

4. Data security

We use technical and organisational measures to secure our website and other systems against the loss, destruction, access, alteration or dissemination of data by unauthorised people. Despite regular controls, however, complete protection against all risks is not possible.

5. Rights according to the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (German Federal Data Protection Act)/contact

According to the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (German Federal Data Protection Act), you are entitled to free information about your stored data and have the right to the correction, blockage or deletion of data. We take the protection of your data very seriously. If you assert an entitlement in accordance with the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz or desire further information regarding this data protection policy, please contact:

  • Carmeq GmbH
  • Carnotstraße 4
  • 10587 Berlin
  • Phone +49 30 3983537-0
  • Fax +49 30 3983537-199
  • Email:

6. Amendments to this data protection policy

Due to the rapid development of the internet and the progression of case law, we reserve the right to adapt this data protection policy to technical and legal requirements at any time.