Our products and services conform to recognised quality standards

DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

This is a European standard based on a process orientation model. It guides the optimisation of processes and interfaces. As well as productivity and cost control, this standard is targeted at companies' ability to innovate and develop, at intelligent product and service ranges, flexibility towards changing market conditions and customer requirements, and the highest possible quality. The standard is part of the EN ISO 9000 ff series, which encompasses the documentation of all company activities for the purposes of quality management.


'SPICE' stands for Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination (ISO/IEC 15504) and is an international standard for conducting assessments of company processes centered around software development.

Automotive SPICE

This is a domain-specific variant of the international SPICE standard (ISO/IEC 15504). It was developed and established in 2001 by AUTOSIG (Automotive Special Interest Group), which includes the German manufacturers Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche and Volkswagen. The AUTOSIG committee has also launched the HIS subcommittee (Manufacturers' Software Initiative) for managing the complexity of electronics and software in the automotive industry.


'CMMI' stands for Capability Maturity Model Integration and is a group of reference models for different areas of application – currently for product development, product acquisition, and service provision. A CMMI model is a systematic adaptation of proven practices that support the improvement of organisational structures. A CMMI model can be used to gain an overview of existing practices (e.g., in project planning), to objectively analyse organisational strengths and weaknesses, or to determine improvement measures and structure these in a meaningful way.

ISO 26262

The ISO 26262 is an ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) standard for safety-related electrical/electronic systems in motor vehicles. The ISO 26262 defines a process model – along with specified activities and work products, and methods to be applied – in development and production.